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You know what that means – author talks about the best new fantasy novels with Kevin Gerard!

I met a few teachers and administrators at the Welk Farmer’s Market this summer. Hopefully they’ll follow through and convince their schools to invite me for a visit. I’m sure I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage to the desert, where there are a few librarians I always enjoy seeing. One of my originals, Darlene Blake, has moved to a new school and might be able to start scheduling me again. Jacque Coble, my all time favorite librarian, and a character in Diego’s story, is on my list also. She always puts on a great show.

I’m going to try and contact schools in Texas this year and see if I can’t spread the word about Diego’s fantasy dragons story there. They have a fantastic school library association, so we’ll see what kind of interest I can drum up.

The possibilities are endless. Wherever there’s a student population that loves to read Hispanic books, Diego’s Dragon is destined to do well. If you’d like to schedule a visit, click the Contact Kevin Gerard link and let’s get started!

Can’t wait to hang with my adventure books fans!


If you like fantasy dragons, you’ll love the second book in the Diego’s Dragon series, Dragons of the Dark Rift! The book is finished and available. If you want to see some cool illustrations that appear on the inside of the book, go to the dragons website link at this site, Diego’s Adventure Books – Book Two.

Over 6,000 fantasy dragons fill the pages of this story! You’ll meet Magnifico’s mortal enemy, Vipero, and his mate, Estrella!

Here’s the back jacket copy for this awesome young adults fiction story:

A Prophecy, an Ancient Calendar, and a Battle for Earth’s Survival

The turning of the 26,000 year cycle is approaching. The fifth sun promises a time of peace for all creatures. Magnifico, Estrella, and the Sol Dragones await the new age with open arms.

Vipero hopes to alter the ancient prophecy. He orders the Dragons of the Dark Rift to find and eliminate the Sol Dragones. If they succeed, nothing will stop him from destroying Diego’s world and claiming ownership of Sol, a star with unlimited spiritual power.

Diego and Racquel travel with their dragons to the Dark Rift, the entrance to the magical realm known as the Xibalba. Together with the Sol Dragones, they battle Vipero’s immense army in a fight to save or shift the outcome of the prophecy. The fate of earth depends on victory or defeat, and Diego is the key. His choice – to betray Magnifico or stay true to the Sol Dragones – will determine the outcome of the conflict.

Go to the Diego’s Dragon website and check this cool book out!


What an AWESOME time I had at the Del Mar Young Writer’s Camp. Those students are incredible! They were completely engaged in the new series of books I brought to them. They also asked quite a few questions about fantasy fiction books, especially one particular boy and girl that I’m certain will spend their lives as reporters.

Big thanks to Stephanie Smith for organizing the event and arranging for book sales. This summer there will be a lot of young readers diving into my YA books, Conor and the Crossworlds and Diego’s Dragon!

I’m looking forward to the Stone Ranch Young Writer’s Camp. Can’t wait to meet the kids in the Poway School District! I hope they love my fantasy fiction series as much as the Del Mar students do.


Congratulations to Karla Zepeda from Hillcrest Middle School for picking the best name in the Name the Dark Lord contest! Her entry, Satadon, won out over 250 other students that contributed some amazing names! It was nearly impossible to pick a winner from the list.

Thanks to all of the wonderful students who entered the contest. You represented your schools and cities with pride!

Karla will receive $100 and a credit on the publishing page of Diego’s second book, Dragons of the Dark Rift. Way to go, Karla!

Went to my first Farmer’s Market at Lawrence Welk Village yesterday. Huge market, over a hundred vendors, and a decent crowd for a Monday. When I signed up the week before I saw three times as many people, so it will fluctuate. A few of the regular vendors stopped by to say as much yesterday. Seems like a great group of people, and my slot was right next to the Churro man – YUMMY!

The Lawrence Welk Farmer’s Market is every Monday from 3:00 until dusk, around 7:30 or 8:00. Yesterday it was quite hot, almost 90 degrees, so wear cool clothing. Come by, say hi, and find out what’s happening with Diego and Conor’s YA books, the two best fantasy fiction books on the planet!

If you love adventure books with fantasy dragons and giant, magical wild cats, you’ll love these books!