Went to my first Farmer’s Market at Lawrence Welk Village yesterday. Huge market, over a hundred vendors, and a decent crowd for a Monday. When I signed up the week before I saw three times as many people, so it will fluctuate. A few of the regular vendors stopped by to say as much yesterday. Seems like a great group of people, and my slot was right next to the Churro man – YUMMY!

The Lawrence Welk Farmer’s Market is every Monday from 3:00 until dusk, around 7:30 or 8:00. Yesterday it was quite hot, almost 90 degrees, so wear cool clothing. Come by, say hi, and find out what’s happening with Diego and Conor’s YA books, the two best fantasy fiction books on the planet!

If you love adventure books with fantasy dragons and giant, magical wild cats, you’ll love these books!