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ImageThis is why I love to write fantasy!

Benito has sent me the first sketches for the cover of Diego’s next fantasy dragons book. I can’t even guess how awesome this is going to look, especially with a clear blue sky in the background!

The cover for the second fantasy fiction book, with Vipero blasting Diego and Racquel with dragon fire in Satadon’s cave is spectacular, but the cave is too dark for the black lettering in the title. Jennifer did try to suggest white lettering, which would have shown up a lot better, but some dummy author told her he wanted the lettering to stay consistent – DOH!

With a sunny background, the lettering will stand out like it did on the Book One cover, something that’s quite important in book production.

Anyway, check the WordPress Blog if you want to see the sketches. I don’t know how to place the images in this Blog – it asks for a URL, not a Jpeg file.

When it’s all done, this will definitely be one of the top new fantasy books of 2013!

If you want to read a chapter from Book Three, go here:



The third fantasy fiction book in the Diego’s Dragon series is finished.


As you can see by the title of this Blog, one lucky student has submitted the best subtitle for the contest, so far. The contest ends on September 30, 2013, so there’s lots of time left. Seeing as how the major battle in this book is between Magnifico’s fantasy dragons and the Spanish conquistadors, and it takes place in the bay near Tenochitlan, this student’s subtitle works best for now.

This YA book turned out to be very strong. I’d love to tell you all about it, but then I’d spoil the story for you. I just completed the first editing pass, so now I consider it done. A year ago it was an idea, nothing more. I knew the Sol Dragones were going to fight the conquistadors, and that Satadon was going to change history somehow, but that’s all it was at the time, a head full of thoughts. I can’t express the joy I feel when a simple idea becomes a finished novel, especially one as powerful as this one.

So now the work begins. You’ve seen the illustration of Captain Pizarro. Benito is working up ideas for the cover (you’re going to love it!), my critique group is tearing the first draft to shreds, and I am hoping to have one of the top new fantasy books available by October (ha-ha).

Eight and a half years ago I decided to follow this path. I’m so glad I did.


What a great development!

The Latino Times is following Diego’s Dragon on Twitter. That means they’ll receive notices about one of the top new fantasy books on my WordPress Blog every time I post. Hopefully, other media will catch sight of Diego’s fantasy dragons and decide to follow him as well.

Here’s a link to Latino Times on the internet –

I’m 232 pages into the first edit of Book Three. I hate to pat myself on the back, but it’s a great fantasy fiction novel!

Twitter – @DiegosDragon


Here we go again!

I’ve decided to enter the Spanish version of Diego’s fantasy dragons story, Spirits of the Sun, in the Children’s Moonbeam Awards.

The Jenkins Group and Independent Publisher magazine are hosting the contest (as they do every year). It gives them the opportunity to find the top new fantasy books around the country and give them the exposure they deserve. They’ve been at this for 25 years and have achieved a great deal of respect in the literary world.

Wish me luck, even better, wish Diego and his fantasy fiction book luck!

Here is the website for the contest –


A month and a day – Ugh!

I’m such a baby!

The fall semester starts August 26, and that means I have to go back to work. At least that’s what I call it. Trust me, if you have to have a job, this is the greatest gig in the world. I work Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30 – 8:00, four classes in a row each day. Other than that and a few office hours, that’s my commitment to Cal State San Marcos.

Are you kidding? And I’m dreading that? Somebody slap me!

Okay – back to Diego and Conor.

I’ve rewritten Conor’s first fantasy fiction book, and as soon as I get the files I’ll load them into LSI’s system and let you all know. The other editions will be quite valuable some day, should I ever become the writer I hope to be, so hang on to them!

I’m 125 pages into the rewrite for Diego’s third adventure book. It’s looking really good. I especially like the chapters detailing Captain Pizarro’s voyage to the Americas. The scenes on the ship are described quite well (patting myself on the back). Diego’s visions are pretty cool, too. It’s all about fine tuning now, just to make certain this fantasy dragons book is as good as it can be.

I love Diego’s story – it will be one of the top new fantasy books around – I’m certain of it!


ImageFinally picked up a playmate for Jesse, that’s him on the right!

He’s two years old, his name is Braveheart (at least now, until I think of a different name), and he’s jet black like his older brother Little Man. He has the most amazing golden eyes, they are full of life and curiosity.

He and Jesse are play pals now, which I’m happy to see. I felt bad for Jesse, he’s five and needs someone to rumble with while he’s young. Brave hasn’t let me pet him yet, but he’s letting me get closer. I’ll be patient, he’s worth the wait.

Working on Diego’s third fantasy fiction novel, the first of many editing passes. So far so good, and we’ll see what my writing group has to say about this fantasy dragons book when they critique it. This is where the real work begins, but it pays off.

I’m reading a good story written by a young kid I met at ConDor last March. I really like the story, but the writing is so technically poor it’s painful to read. You just can’t do that and expect to make it as someone who likes to write fantasy.

I’ll continue to work hard on this new book series!


I finished the first draft of Diego’s third fantasy fiction book a couple of days ago. You’ll love the final battle at the end, and you’ll love me or hate me or both for what happens at the end of this YA book. Either way, I’ll be yanking on your emotions, and if an author does that, they’re doing you a favor.

I have to do a little tweaking on the last chapter, then after that I’ll go through the entire book again. Then I’ll print a copy and go through it word by word. My critique group will slash it to ribbons, I’ll have a few more passes at it, some select readers will pick it apart, and then maybe it will be ready. It is a process, but it gives my readers one of the best new fantasy novels to read.

I set a grueling schedule for myself this summer, but the first draft is done. That’s always a wonderful feeling, that and the emotional explosion I endure at the end. I didn’t really cry after typing the last period this time, but I balled my eyes as I wrote the final battle. That should give you a hint about the outcome, that and the fact that Diego’s Dragon, like Conor and the Crossworlds, will be a five book series.

Here’s to one of the best fantasy fiction series ever!




I received the first adventure books illustration from my new artist, Benito Gallego. He’s drawn the first of five illustrations for the third Diego’s Dragon book, which still doesn’t have a subtitle 🙂

Some students have sent in good fantasy fiction novel titles, like “Battle at Tenochitlan,” or “Saviors of Fire,” and “The Aztec Saviors,” but the contest continues until the end of September, so we’ll have to wait for the title of the book.

Benito lives in Spain! I found him through an internet site called Freelanced. By the look of his first illustration, he’s going to be an amazing illustrator for Diego’s latest children’s books.

I’m so excited about the third YA book now. I can’t wait to see what Benito comes up with, especially the cover.

This is so cool!

Wow – do I love to write fantasy!

Yesterday I was typing like a madman and crying my eyes out. The fourth and final battle between the Sol Dragones and Captain Pizarro’s Spanish conquistadors came out in a furious flood of words. The Spanish army has seven galleons, over two hundred fifty cannons, and an endless number of crossbows and muskets.

Arrows and bullets against fantasy dragons – wouldn’t that battle be over in seconds? Not if Pizarro’s weapons were controlled by an evil lord with revenge on his mind, revenge against Magnifico and his meddlesome guide, Diego.

I’m introducing some new dragons and guides into this fantasy fiction novel, including Icoron, and alien guide from the Andromeda galaxy. He rides with Taragon, the fastest of all the Sol Dragones.

There’s a surprise visitor at the very end of this book, a character the fans of Conor and the Crossworlds will be very happy to see alive again. Here’s a hint – he’s a very important jungle cat in Aztec folklore.

This should be one of the top new fantasy books this year!

Onward – to the pinnacle of the literary world with Diego and Conor!


The proof for Diego’s first hardcover YA book, Spirits of the Sun, arrived yesterday. I sat at my desk holding the package, afraid to open it in case I didn’t like it.

It looks incredible! Lightning Source/Ingram did a wonderful job. Like I said before, I don’t think bookstores will be attracted to it because of the retail price, but I can sell these adventure books for $15.00, and with the author signature, who can argue with that?

There are two little issues with it, completely my fault, but after those are fixed, it’ll be ready to order.

I’m so jacked up about it – a Diego’s Dragon fantasy fiction novel in hardcover 🙂