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I know.

You’ve had this great young adults fiction story in your head for years, but:

a) you don’t think you can write a YA book
b) you don’t know where to start
c) every time you try and write anything, nothing comes out

Guess what – you’re in league with everyone who’s ever written an adventure book. Yep, even J. K. Rowling, James Patterson, Stephen King, and even Jeff Kinney. I’ll bet my last dollar that each one of them nurtured the same thoughts for years before the finally sat down and cranked out their first book.

And it was probably horrible.

That’s where self editing, writer critique groups, professional editors, and casual readers come into play. A first draft is a first draft, it’s supposed to be terrible. It’s where you let the story fall from your mind through your fingers onto the page, or the keyboard, or into the digital recorder.

Let me ask you something. If you know you’re going to self edit what you wrote yesterday before you continue with the story, doesn’t that give you permission to write ANYTHING that comes to your mind? Answer – YES. Because you’ll always have the option of changing it the next day.

So let’s review:

a) you don’t think you can write a fantasy fiction book – horse dump – anyone can write a book, as long as you do one page at a time. One page a day, think about it, anyone can write one page a day.

b) you don’t know where to start – hmmm – what everyone has always said is true. Sit down and start writing. You’ll be amazed by what happens. And be careful. Once you start down this path, your mind will forever be thinking about your story. Your characters might even start telling you what they want to do and where they want the story to go. It’s an adventure I recommend highly.

c) every time you try and write anything, nothing comes out – You’re not going to be Shakespeare every day, get over it. Some days the words will fall like living snowflakes, and you won’t believe the story is coming from you. On other days words are like impacted wisdom teeth, they won’t come out no matter what you do, and that’s okay. Write what you can, edit it the next day, and keep going.

Have at it. Write a page a day. Guess what? In a year you might have the makings of one of the best new fantasy novels around.


Kevin Gerard


Students around the country are sending in entries for the contest connected to Diego’s third fantasy dragons book. They get to create the name of the subtitle of book three, like this:

Diego’s Dragon, Book Three: (Subtitle Entry)

Haven’t decided what the winner will get, but money and recognition in the novel will certainly be part of the prize pool.

Think of a great Hispanic books subtitle and send it to Kevin Gerard.

Check out the contest here:



Come check out Diego and Conor as they bring their top new fantasy books into Huntington Beach for an awesome event on June 2!

The Surfin’ Sunday Street Fair has tons of music, food, crafts, and now Diego’s Dragon’s fantasy dragons books and Conor and the Crossworlds YA books!

The Fair starts at 9AM and ends at 5PM. Just look for the Huntington Beach Pier and tons of people and you’ll see the canopies. Have a lazy look around and make your way to my booth. Say hi – buy fantasy fiction novels – or just crowd around and make it look like Diego’s and Conor’s stories are the hottest things going.

See you there!


ImageIn the next few weeks I’ll be visiting students at Davis Magnet Middle and King Middle. The King Middle visit is part of a book fair with the local Barnes & Noble. We’re doing something really cool, too. The students get to participate in a fantasy dragons coloring contest at school, and the winners will be announced at the store that night. Should be a big crowd – Yeah!

Davis Magnet Middle will wrap up its school year with a cool visit from yours truly, Kevin Gerard. Should be a great opportunity to give the students some excellent young adults fiction summer reading. This is a new school for me, in new territory. Can’t wait, it’ll be awesome!

What a chance to spread the word about the best new fantasy novels around!


Please help Diego and Conor find their way into the Accelerated Reader program!

Kids are crazy for Diego’s Hispanic books and Conor’s YA books. If we can get them listed with Accelerated Reader, they’ll be able to read them as part of their curriculum. The students would love that!

Let’s get these awesome fantasy fiction books listed as soon as possible. Just click the link and follow the instructions.

Thanks, fantasy dragon fans!

Diego, Conor, and Kevin Gerard

Greetings, Diego’s Dragon fans!

I’m writing the third fantasy dragons book of the series Diego’s Dragon right now, and I’ve almost written 75 pages. The story is really expanding in my mind – I’m more than a little excited about it.

The Spanish conquistadors are nearing the lands of the Americas. Soon they’ll encounter the Aztec people. There’s a secret passenger aboard the Cacafuego, someone who wishes to do harm to Diego and Magnifico. The spirit will strike in the 16th century, but the damage will extend to the present day.

Diego’s and his friends are shocked by what occurs, and only he, Racquel, and the Sol Dragones can stop the spirit from achieving everything it wants.


Hopefully this fantasy fiction novel will be released in the fall – I’m working hard and writing a lot!


Had a great time at the 10 year anniversary party for the Oceanside Barnes and Noble Tuesday night. We’ve been invited back on May 29 as a guest for a fantasy fiction book fair for a local school. Please come down and support the students.
The store will stock copies of every Diego’s Dragon Hispanic book and Conor and the Crossworlds YA book. I have a cool signing table and I’ll even do a reading at some point during the evening.
Swing by and buy some copies of the best fantasy fiction novels around!

Come see Diego and Conor’s books at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market this weekend!

The market is open from 9:00 to 1:00 on Sunday.

I’ll be there with a booth or a table displaying Diego’s and Conor’s fantasy fiction novels, along with the new ultra-cool wooden medallions. They’re laser cut and they are awesome. They’re only a buck apiece.

The La Jolla market is huge with many unusual vendors. Diego and Conor have made many new fans, and I sell lots of YA books and Hispanic books at this cool venue!

Here’s the webpage with directions to La Jolla:

Hope to see you there this weekend – come read the best new fantasy novels around!

Diego Cover 08 29 11

I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning so I can arrive at the Latino Book & Family Festival by 9:00. We’ll be set up and ready for the opening at 10:00 Saturday morning. The festival is in the student union building at Cal State San Bernardino.

I’ll have copies of both of Diego’s fantasy dragon books with me. Each one costs $10.00 or you can get books 1 & 2 for $15.00 – what a deal!

Come on out and check the scene. There will be lots of activities, many fine Hispanic book authors, YA authors, and Edward James Olmos. He’s always on the premises.