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Hope everyone has an awesome day this Sunday!

What a great day to curl up with your favorite fantasy fiction books. Pick up a copy of Conor and the Crossworlds or Diego’s Dragon and lose yourself in a world of fantasy dragons or a new book series about a young boy, gigantic talking, magical cats, and a different dimension called the Crossworlds.

Whether it’s adventure books, Hispanic books, or YA books, you’ll find a great holiday weekend read with Diego, Magnifico, Conor, and Purugama.



My flight leaves a week from Thursday! I’m so excited to be attending this Hispanic books festival, I have a feeling Diego will be quite popular there. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tell kids and parents in the Midwest about the best fantasy fiction series they’ll ever see. Diego looks like their kids, he’s a hero for them to call their own, and they’ll love the story because it’s awesome!

Can’t wait to report on the festival in my May newsletter. Wish us luck everyone. As with all my characters, I want the whole world to know about Diego, Magnifico, and the fantasy dragons of the Sol Dragones!



Come to the La Jolla Open Aire Market on Sundays! It’s a big market with lots of great food, crafts, and much more. The market is open from 9:00 to 1:00 every Sunday (except Easter Sunday).

I’ll be there with a table displaying Diego’s and Conor’s fantasy fiction novels, along with the new ultra-cool wooden medallions. They’re laser cut and they are awesome. You can use them for anything, and they’re only a buck apiece.

The reception last Sunday was very good. I met a ton of kids and their parents. Diego and Conor made lots of new fans, and I sold as many YA books as I’ve ever sold at a farmer’s market!

Here’s the webpage with directions.

Hope to see you there some day – come read the best new fantasy novels around!


ImageWait til you see these incredible wooden fantasy dragon tags I got today. A company in Pasadena makes them, and they laser cut images of the YA book characters onto the wood chips. Some have ringlets on the side so they can be used as zipper pulls. Others have them on the top so they can be worn as medallions.

I’m going to sell them for a buck apiece at the farmer’s markets. I can’t wait to show them to all the fans of the best new fantasy books around!