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ImageHello again,

I’m sending copies of Diego’s first fantasy fiction novel to bookstores all over the country. I read a story about how The Hunger Games was promoted. One of the biggest ways was by sending copies to indie bookstores and asking them to talk it up.

Hopefully the owners, managers, or buyers will take a shine to one of the best fantasy fiction novels around and spread the word. I’m just asking them to look at it, that’s all. If they like it, though, well…



ImageI’ve updated Diego’s postcards to include:

The covers for both fantasy fiction novels!
The fantasy dragons website URL – DOH – forgot it last time!
Some cool new adventure books graphics!

I should have them at the farmer’s markets this weekend, so stop by and pick some up so you can pass them out to your friends!

Spread the word about one of the best new fantasy series around!


ImageFantasy fiction novels fans will soon have a few more items to add to their collection. A company near Los Angeles is making these incredible pendants of Diego standing with Magnifico. They can be used as zipper pulls, too. Only a buck apiece – come to the farmer’s markets and check them out!

A woman at the North County Fair Farmer’s Market made me a silver dragon bookmark. It’s pretty cool and I think I’ll ask her how much it would cost to get a bunch of them. If it’s reasonable then Diego’s Dragon fans will have an awesome bookmark to keep inside their YA books. Who knows? Maybe it will come alive and become that reader’s dragon!

Here’s to the best new fantasy novels around!


Hey Everyone!

If you took advantage of the free Kindle promotion yesterday and read Diego’s first fantasy dragons book, do him a favor and write a review on the book’s Kindle page. I always hear how much people enjoy the story, and Amazon reviews are golden. So please do Diego and Magnifico a big favor and write a short review.

After all, we do want to spread the word about one of the best new fantasy novels around, right?


ImageI’ll be at the North County Farmer’s Market today from 10:30 – 3:30.

From the 15 Fwy in San Diego County, take the Via Rancho Pkwy exit and go east. Turn into the golf driving range center on the right (less than 1/4 mile) and follow the driveway all the way to the end. You’ll see the signs.

Great market. Small number of vendors, but good produce, yummy foodstuffs (especially the Afghan food) and of course, Diego and Conor!

So, come on down and say hi – or better yet – buy some books 🙂

I’m going to the Chicago Latino Book and Family Festival April 6-7! This is the biggest festival of its kind, so the adventure books should do very well there. Can’t wait to spread the word around the midwest about Diego and his fantasy dragon, Magnifico! What an incredible set of fantasy fiction novels!

I went to one of these festivals last year at Cal State Dominguez Hills and sold a bunch of Diego’s YA books. I couldn’t sign them fast enough. The kids there really ate them up. There’s another festival in May in San Bernardino. These are tailor-made for the Diego’s Dragon series, the best new fantasy novels in the 21st century!