You know what that means – author talks about the best new fantasy novels with Kevin Gerard!

I met a few teachers and administrators at the Welk Farmer’s Market this summer. Hopefully they’ll follow through and convince their schools to invite me for a visit. I’m sure I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage to the desert, where there are a few librarians I always enjoy seeing. One of my originals, Darlene Blake, has moved to a new school and might be able to start scheduling me again. Jacque Coble, my all time favorite librarian, and a character in Diego’s story, is on my list also. She always puts on a great show.

I’m going to try and contact schools in Texas this year and see if I can’t spread the word about Diego’s fantasy dragons story there. They have a fantastic school library association, so we’ll see what kind of interest I can drum up.

The possibilities are endless. Wherever there’s a student population that loves to read Hispanic books, Diego’s Dragon is destined to do well. If you’d like to schedule a visit, click the Contact Kevin Gerard link and let’s get started!

Can’t wait to hang with my adventure books fans!