I’m having trouble with my upstairs neighbor. She seems to think my cats are making her place stink, even though my place doesn’t!?! Nothing in the world would make me give up my boys. They are my children and I couldn’t love them more if they were human kids.

When I wrote the Conor and the Crossworlds series, I made a group of giant, wild cats the protectors of the dimension called the Crossworlds. I used the personalities of my cats to create the characteristics of the Champions of the Crossworlds. Ajur, a 2800 pound jaguar, had the same plodding, stubborn mentality of Lenny, an orange tabby. Eha, an 1800 pound cheetah, matched the happy-go-lucky personality of Sunny, a black and white tabby and a real card.


Maya, the Lord of the Champions, is his real self, a big tom that used to live next door to me in another neighborhood. He died in the most horrible of ways. I told the woman who cared for him that I was going to make him immortal by making him a character in the Conor and the Crossworlds story. He weighs in at 1400 pounds, and every aspect of his personality remained. He is a powerful shaman, so powerful that even the creators of the Crossworlds don’t know the extent of his magic.


I think I put a little of myself into one of the Champions, a 3000 pound flying cougar named Purugama. He is Conor’s mentor, his best friend, funny but stern, and every reader’s favorite character.

Cats are magnificent animals, whether domestic or wild. What I love most is the identical similarities between the two. It’s amazing to watch a documentary about any wild cat, and then watch your tiny little house cat exhibit the same traits and behaviors. I’ll always have them in my home, they are a real comfort, whether resting on my desk as I write, sleeping with me, or tugging at my foot because they want to play.


Kevin Gerard