The ocean has been a lake for almost a month. I think the heat is melting the waves before they get to shore. I’ve been down to Cardiff State Beach about five consecutive times now and – nothing – I jumped in the water the last time just because it was so hot outside. Water felt great, except for the 90 million metric tons of seaweed floating just off the shoreline. Bummer because there’s only about a month left until the water temperature starts to drop.

Two weeks of school is “in the books” and the students haven’t killed me yet. I have some good classes, good students, and of course they’re all freaking out about statistics. Good to be back among the living, though.

I’m working on the corrections for Diego’s third fantasy dragons book. This one is a lengthy process, but it’ll be worth the time and effort. This story is amazing, and my writers’ group gave some wonderful suggestions. Running through a 300 page adventure book to incorporate everything and keep it all together within the plot lines is a cool exercise.

Going to the University of La Verne on September 21 for the Latino Author Summit. Should see lots of fans, movie folks, and meet up with some contacts. I’ll probably have the cover of this Hispanic book with me, so I’ll be able to show it around.

Going to visit one of my fav librarians this Thursday. As usual she’s done a terrific job getting the kids pumped about my YA books visit. If I had a dozen more like her…

A testimonial:


You are an amazing writer. You have inspired me to make a book of my own. It is about a kid who can jump through space and time just by jumping. The next few paragraphs are what I have so far from the book. Please read them and give me feedback.

Your #1 fan – Ryan


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Diego’s Dragon
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