I’ve published seven fantasy fiction books so far. I’m kind of like a general contractor, hiring illustrators, book designers, sometimes even editors, in a way. In the past I’ve rolled over my illustrators, pushing my vision on them to the extent of ruining what could have been one of the top new fantasy book covers or interior illustrations. I’ve been careful about that in the last year or two.

Benito sent me a couple of sketches of the cover for Diego’s third fantasy dragons novel. I picked one and asked him if he could raise the perspective of the viewer to see what I’ve described in the book. He wrote back and explained why the lower perspective is more powerful, in that it leaves much for the reader to imagine. He’s absolutely right!

I love that, and I love that I’ve learned over the years to leave the writing to me and the rest to those who are talented in their professions.

Check out Benito’s website – very awesome – http://www.benitogallego.com/