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There’s a little over a month left in the contest to pick the subtitle for the third book in Diego’s fantasy dragon series. There are more prizes now, too. The winner gets $100. Second place gets $50. The third and fourth place entries will each get $25. All four get their names on the publishing page in the book.

All you have to do is create the subtitle of Diego’s next fantasy fiction book. It has to be something that reflects the story.

In the 16th century, the Spanish Conquistadors are sailing to the Americas to find Diego’s ancestors, the Aztecs. If history repeats itself and the Mexica are destroyed, Diego’s people will suffer in the present time. If the Sol Dragones can stop the Conquistadors, they can save everyone in the present.

Think about the plot for this Hispanic book and create a subtitle.

Send all entries to this email address:
Put “Diego Book Three Entry” in the subject line. Make sure and tell me your name, what grade you’re in, and the name of your school.

Check out the web page for complete rules and explanations:

Good luck with the top new fantasy book series around!

A testimonial:

“I have been reading the Conor and the Crossworlds series since Kevin came by my school. It was and will be full of emotion, exciting characters, and meaning. All the books have great plots, and I can barely wait for the next couple of books. Conor is a perfect mixture Harry Potter, Bobby Pendragon, and Percy Jackson.”

Wesley – Indio, California


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