And the work begins…

I finished the first draft of Diego’s third fantasy dragons book in July, then submitted it to the critique group in August. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the initial rewrite, changing the historical aspect of the story. Then I’ll run through everyone’s line edits, and after that I’ll look through their general comments and do another rewrite. Hopefully I can find a few eager beavers to read the “final version” after that, just to make sure everything’s been done that can be done.

It’s a process, but one that improves an adventure book exponentially. Some day I may let the Penny Dreadfuls have a whack at Conor’s fantasy fiction story, but that’s way down the line. For now I’ll focus on Diego, even though Conor and the Champions have worked their way into his YA book. I think it’s brilliant, but we’ll see what the readers say.

A testimonial:

“Hello from The only radio station in the world owned and operated by kids, WKID 96.7 FM, located in Clearwater, Florida. For years we were looking for an exciting book to read live on air to our listeners. All the books that we thought would be interesting to read on air turned out to be very confusing to our listening audience, but three years ago we received our first book from Kevin Gerard titled Conor and the Crossworlds. After receiving the book we thought it was just going to be another boring book, BUT NO! JUST THE OPPOSITE! This book was awesome!! Not only did we love it and were able to relate to Conor because he was our age, but our listeners really loved to hear us reading the story on air every night. They begged us not to stop reading it due to the great suspense of the story. Every night when we would stop reading for the night the phone would start ringing with listeners very upset and wanting to know what happens next, of course our response was “you will have to tune in tomorrow night.” If we ever had a night that we were unable to broadcast we would receive hundreds of e-mails and phone calls. We just wanted to say thanks again for writing such a great, exciting story and we look forward for the next book.”

Adam and Eric – WKID 96.7, Clearwater, Florida


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