ImageYou’re in the parking lot – hurray – that means you found the school! I usually find it the night before so I won’t get lost the morning of the talk. At any rate:

1. Don’t pile everything onto a rolling cart right away. Go into the school’s administration building and find the office. You MUST check in, sign a visitor log, and get a visitor badge. You won’t get far without one.

2. Smile! Tell the nice person at the desk that you are the visiting author and you’d like to see the librarian. You’ll either wait for her or follow the directions and walk to the library yourself.

3. Smile! Meet the librarian and check out the library location and the room. It might be all the way on the other side of the school, so you wouldn’t want to be tugging a heavy, unstable cart full of books across the campus. If you can move your car closer, do so. Check out the setup of the room, primarily the lighting. If you’re using an A/V setup, you want the room to be as dark as possible when the time comes. Are chairs in place for you? Are the students going to sit on the floor?

4. Smile! Ask how long you have for your presentation. If you have less time than you like, you want to be thinking about how you’ll change it while you’re setting up your gear. If you have more time, mark a couple of passages in your books to read to the students.

5. Smile! Find out if there’s a tech person on campus, or a maintenance person who can help you with extension cords, tables, and a microphone if it’s a large group. Someone who knows where things are can make or break your visit.

I’ll reveal more in my next Blog. The more prepared you are, the better your visit will go. The most important thing is to be relaxed and ready when the students start coming into the library.

A testimonial:

“Kevin Gerard’s Conor and the Crossworlds series is an essential “must have” for any library or fantasy fan. Conor’s story stands out in the ever-growing fantasy genre as a fun, safe adventure for all ages. Mr. Gerard’s work does not stay on our shelf very long and patrons are eagerly awaiting the next installment.”
Michael – Hattiesburg, Mississippi


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