ImageHeard the results of a survey the other day on the radio. It was about the top ten biggest regrets people have about their lives. The usual answers rang true; didn’t play more, didn’t spend more time with my kids, didn’t travel more, but the number one regret by a wide margin was this – people didn’t chase their dreams.

A lot of folks have ridiculed me for being the person I am, always with my head in the clouds, devising grandiose schemes, setting goals too high. I am SO glad I’m that way, SO glad I want to accomplish something spectacular with my life.

Your life – how brief it is – even in the context of human existence. In the overall flow of the universe? Forget it, we’re nothing more than a blip, if even that. Have you ever heard about someone, a distant family member, or a niece or nephew, or a friend, and you suddenly realize that a big chunk of your life has passed without you even being aware of it? Our lives end so quickly, how could anyone waste a day of their existence without grasping for a brass ring.

I’ll never forget the day – February 24, 2004 – almost ten years ago. That’s when I stood up in my cubicle, said enough is enough, and walked into the director’s office and quit on the spot. I was 46 years old, and I wasn’t going to sell one more day of my life for less than it was worth. I secured some teaching gigs and started writing fantasy like a maniac. I’ve just finished my tenth fantasy fiction novel, eight of which I’ll have published by the end of 2013.

Is it worth it? Is it worth the highs and lows, the extreme depression when I’m certain my stories will never go anywhere, or the overwhelming elation when I see kids lined up outside the library door waiting to buy Diego’s and Conor’s books?

Yes. I could still be sitting in that cubicle, and my biggest fear is sitting in a rocking chair 30 years from now, realizing I hadn’t given my all to achieve my dreams. I love my characters, especially Purugama, Conor’s teacher, and Magnifico, Diego’s fantasy dragon.

Don’t delay your journey for one more day!

A testimonial:


I have just purchased your 7 published books (Diego’s Dragon & Conor/Crossworlds) and written a review on Amazon, which should be posted shortly. Did I see or read somewhere that a third Diego’s Dragon book was in progress?  I certainly hope I didn’t dream that up. I’ll be in touch later when the books arrive, but there’s no rush as they are for Christmas.  (How nice for you that Amazon was almost out of several of your books — but more on the way soon.) Thanks again for your help in allowing Grandma to give a fantastic present!

   –Lyn– a definite fan

Onward to the Stars!

Kevin Gerard
Diego’s Dragon
Conor and the Crossworlds