I’ll be heading north, way up north to Humboldt County (that’s an hour south of the Oregon border) in a little over two months! I’ve been invited back to the Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival, which happens in the middle of October.

The Humboldt County Children’s Author Festival began in 1975 with goals of bringing well-known, published authors to Humboldt County and enabling them to visit schools to talk with students about fantasy fiction books and the business and craft of writing, and to reinforce the idea that people create books and that children and students can write fantasy as well as read. Begun as a one-time festival, its popularity with kids, parents, teachers, librarians, and the general public was such that the festival evolved into a biennial event.

This October, 25 authors and illustrators will come to Humboldt from throughout California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, Florida and Indiana. They will travel to 60 Humboldt County schools, talk about themselves and their work to thousands of school children, and spend a day at a public autographing session in the Main Library in Eureka, where their fantasy dragon books can be purchased.

I can’t wait until October. 2011 was so much fun!

A testimonial:

“Conor and the Crossworlds is the perfect blend of fantasy and adventure.
Action around every corner! Conor is my favorite character for his courage and bravery. People can relate to him.” – Andrew – Portland, Oregon


Kevin Gerard
Diego’s Dragon