You’ve emailed the librarian kit, snail-mailed some fantasy fiction book cover posters, and encouraged the librarian to pick a few fantasy dragon illustrations for the coloring contest.

Now comes your part. Make sure YOU are ready when the date arrives for your author talk. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Books – do you have enough YA books on hand for the visit? If yes, great, but if you don’t, make certain you give enough lead time for the order. You don’t want the books for a school visit to arrive the day after you make your presentation.

     Make sure you bring enough adventure books! I always bring too many, but I don’t ever want to run out. If you’re selling a series, make sure you order a lot of the first book, and a handful of the rest. Some students will buy a new series of books, but most will want to read the first book and then see if they want to continue.

2. Giveaways – I bring posters, postcards, and sometimes t-shirts to the schools. I don’t sell these items, but I do give them away as prizes (posters and t-shirts), or just as freebies (postcards). Kids love free stuff, and the librarian is overjoyed when she sees her students excited at an event.

3. Reminders – I set at least three reminders in my outlook calendar; one for book orders, one a week ahead of time, and one two days before the event. I’ve never missed an author talk, and hopefully I never will.

     I said this in a recent post about school visits – VIEW IT HERE – if you think you’re early, go to the venue anyway. I was way down in the south one winter and showed up late twice when I thought I had time to drive around before I was supposed to be there. Don’t ever do that, early is always better than late.

4. Media – Contact every media source in the surrounding area. If you can get any type of coverage it will be a huge bonus for you. It’s hard to get them to pay attention unless you’re published by one of the biggies, but hey, a little time spent could go a long way if somebody bites.

5. A/V equipment and presentation – run through everything the night before your visit. Better to find out that something needs to be tweaked ahead of time rather than fifteen minutes before your start time at the school.

And remember to have fun!

A testimonial:

“I love the Conor and the Crossworlds books because in an instant Conor’s life goes from ordinary to getting to experience being in an alternate world beyond imagination. When Conor starts gaining abilities from serving as a warrior for the Crossworlds creators, it makes me wish I could escape to an alternate world of my own and meet majestic cougars like Purugama. The third book “Surviving an Altered World” is my favorite because of the quest for the five keys. The plot for the third book was awesome and the scavenger hunt that the author did for the five keys that went across the United States was a lot of fun! That’s why I love the Conor and Crossworlds books. Not only that but I’ve always liked writing, thanks to this series I am inspired to write so much more!” – Jade – Lumberton, Mississippi


Kevin Gerard
Diego’s Dragon
Conor and the Crossworlds