Here we go again. A few months ago I decided to take my distributor up on their offer of a free hardcover setup for my latest adventure book. If I’d done it correctly the first time it would have been free, but after mistakes one, two, and three, it’s getting pretty expensive. Last night I reloaded the cover again. Now I wait for the proof and hold my breath.

I have a friend in Los Angeles who writes a very good newsletter. In a recent edition he made this comment, “I think I’m getting the hang of this publishing thing.” He’s worked very hard on his craft and has signed a handful of good authors. He does what the big six publishers do to create, distribute, and promote the books under his imprint. He’s a mentor to me, and I’m proud of what he’s accomplished.

I’m learning a lot, but I don’t think I’m “getting the hang of this publishing thing” just yet. Perhaps with a little more time and a few dozen clones of myself I’ll find the best way to launch a new book series. For now I’ll keep an open mind.

My latest push to promote Diego’s fantasy dragons story is into schools in the country of Mexico and Blogs for YA and middle grade fantasy fiction books. There are about 2000 Blogs, give or take a score. If I can find some good ones and they like Diego’s story, perhaps they’ll share it with others, and the fire will spread about one of the latest children’s books to hit the shelves.

But first I have to see if I’ll be going to a fifth proof on the Spirits of the Sun hardcover.

Here’s a testimonial:

“I just love the Conor and the Crossworlds books! When I pick them up I can’t put them down! I feel like I’m in another world!”
Jocelyn – Manchester, New Hampshire


Kevin Gerard
Diego’s Dragon
Conor and the Crossworlds