Now you have a school librarian who’s excited about your fantasy fiction books visit, and she’s set a date! The next item on the agenda is to give her a ton of work to do to make the author talk as great as it can be, right?


You better make the process as effortless as possible for her. She has enough to do, trust me. Give her assignments, yes, but make them fun so she won’t mind expending the energy to tell everyone about the fantasy dragons author who’s coming to visit. She loves her library and she loves her students, and she wants to put on a great show for them. It’s your job to help her do that, and to do as much as you can to take the load off of her shoulders.

Sure, there will be some librarians that just grab the ball and run with it, and that’s great, but they will be few and far between. For the others, and that will be most of them, you need to carry the water. They’ll love you for it.

Remember, you have a librarian kit with all kinds of cool YA book stuff she can use to prepare for the visit. Send it to her EARLY, and ask a few times leading up to the visit if there’s anything else you can do. Don’t be a pest, but let her know you’re there for her to help her shine.

Okay? Now go set up that talk, and tell a giant group of kids about the top new fantasy books in the state!

A testimonial:

“I’m from the high school in Burlington, Vermont, that you visited. I didn’t really get a chance to properly thank you, so I’d like to do that now. Not only is your series, Conor and the Crossworlds, one of the most imaginative, brilliant and overall best fantasy reads ever, you’ve also inspired me to write more than I can ever express. Keep speaking at schools; you’re very motivating. I’m so grateful for your stories and kind words.
Thank you!” – Matt – Burlington, Vermont

Kevin Gerard
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