Okay – now you have a school librarian on the phone, and you have 60 seconds to get her interested in having you present a talk about the top new fantasy books to her students.

1. Allay her fears immediately – tell her you visit schools for free because you know how strapped budgets are – she’ll love you for that.

2. Ask her if she’d be interested in a fantasy fiction book librarian kit you’ve put together over the years, which includes a handful of black and white illustrations she can use to host a coloring contest for her students.

3. Ask her when the best time would be for a presentation, or presentations, at her school. Tell her at this point you are free on the following days.

4. Ask her if there’s anything you can do to help organize the visit. Offer to send her anything she likes, even fantasy dragon illustrations, and tell her she can share them with the language arts teachers.

Many times, librarians are operating under administrative constraints. You’ll have to be patient while she works things out. It’s worth it, though, especially when it results in a great author talk.

“Hi there,

My son bought 2 books, Spirits of the Sun and Dragons of the Dark Rift, and is loving them! We were wondering when you will be at the market off Melrose again and if they are always on special if you buy them in person?
Thanks — Adina”