It’s rare when something works out exactly as I’d planned it. When it does, the world seems okay.

Some of you know Jesse the WonderCat, my five year old, orange tabby, best buddy in life? And if you follow me at all, you know I’ve wanted to get a playmate for him for some time. Well I did, and now he has a young little buddy who used to be called Braveheart. I don’t have the “heart” to tell the couple I got him from that his name has been changed to “Jelly.”

Yep – that Jelly – the funny mafia guy from the movie “Analyze This.” Cats need names that end in an “eee” sound. I thought of Houdini because I could never find him, then Crazy because of the way he screams all over the house. I was with my wife the other day and she said “Jelly,” and it stuck.

So now it’s Jesse and Jelly, the two buddies. I’ll post pictures on my WordPress Blog from time to time.