A month and a day – Ugh!

I’m such a baby!

The fall semester starts August 26, and that means I have to go back to work. At least that’s what I call it. Trust me, if you have to have a job, this is the greatest gig in the world. I work Tuesday and Thursday, 10:30 – 8:00, four classes in a row each day. Other than that and a few office hours, that’s my commitment to Cal State San Marcos.

Are you kidding? And I’m dreading that? Somebody slap me!

Okay – back to Diego and Conor.

I’ve rewritten Conor’s first fantasy fiction book, and as soon as I get the files I’ll load them into LSI’s system and let you all know. The other editions will be quite valuable some day, should I ever become the writer I hope to be, so hang on to them!

I’m 125 pages into the rewrite for Diego’s third adventure book. It’s looking really good. I especially like the chapters detailing Captain Pizarro’s voyage to the Americas. The scenes on the ship are described quite well (patting myself on the back). Diego’s visions are pretty cool, too. It’s all about fine tuning now, just to make certain this fantasy dragons book is as good as it can be.

I love Diego’s story – it will be one of the top new fantasy books around – I’m certain of it!