feeling kinda blue.

She died in August of 2007, the first day of the fall semester. I went to school that day and taught my classes, completely in shock, of course. About six weeks later I was reading the comics in the morning before heading to campus. That’s when it hit me. I laid my head down and cried for ten minutes. Went to school that day, too. Big mistake. I never heard a classroom so quiet in my life. Pretty freaky for kids to see their professor totally vulnerable.

This Blog would be 100 pages long if I told you everything my mother and I went through, individually and collectively. At the end we were best friends. She really was my best friend, and I miss her – a lot. She used to say, “Don’t worry, Kevin, everything’s going to work out,” and I’d believe her. No one else has ever been able to do that, calm my soul, I mean.

Went into the ocean this morning for you, Mom. Sun was out, water was crystal clear, temperature perfect, and good waves. Thanks for giving me a great day at the beach.

me love you