The search is on!

I need a new illustrator for Diego’s fantasy fiction novels. I tried different methods for locating one and recently hit on a great way to find artists. Freelanced, a freelance social network for illustrators (and maybe other skills) is a website that allows folks to post their resumes, and employers to post job announcements.

I posted an announcement for Diego’s third YA book and received responses from six countries in 24 hours – amazing. A few of the adventure books illustrators are incredible, and that’s putting it lightly. This is why I love to write fantasy stories.

I liked my former artist, she drew an incredible fantasy dragon, Magnifico, but things could have gone better last year. I wish her the best.

Anyway, I’ll post an article about who I select in the August newsletter. Until then, check out this video of a whale slapping a surfer out of the water in Australia.