I’m uploading the Spanish version of Diego’s first fantasy dragons book today. It should be available by August.

El Dragon de Diego, Primer Libro: Espiritus del Sol was translated by Lucia Bonis about a year ago. This Hispanic book has wowed kids in English, and I’m interested to see what will happen when the Spanish version of this fantasy fiction novel hits the virtual shelves.

I met a very nice woman at the San Bernardino Latino Book and Family Festival this year. She lives in Mexico, and is on the public library board. This also places her in contact with the school district, which gives here the ability to suggest adventure books for the school libraries. She couldn’t say whether the schools would prefer an English or Spanish version, so I sent her an English version. I’ll send her a Spanish copy as soon I can, and hopefully the school kids down there will love Diego and Magnifico!

A little bit more every day brings me closer to my goal — writing the best new fantasy novels in the  world!