This is astounding!

I’ve been receiving “Google Alerts” for years. I set them up to inform me of any interesting articles about Harry Potter, the Lightning Thief, and the Wimpy Kid phenomenons. Usually, the articles are promos about movie releases or theme park attractions. Every once in a while, though, something exciting pops into my inbox.

I found an internet article about Jacob, the ten year old son of Drs. Steven and Anne Deane Berman of Port Roberts, Washington. Jacob wanted to attend Camp Half-Blood in Austin, Texas, but his parents felt that might be too far away. Jacob came up with another idea — creating a literary based camp closer to home.

I love this kid!

To quote the article, “Steve and Anne want the kids to learn the value of the sciences and the arts while spending time building robots, writing stories, making costumes, creating short films, acting, dancing, and doing traditional camp stuff like swimming, hiking, and playing outdoor games.”

They have the background to organize such a endeavor, having worked at the University of California, Iowa State University, and University of British Columbia. They have three camps scheduled this summer:

Sunday, July 7 – Sunday, July 14
Sunday, August 11 – Sunday August 18
Sunday, August 18 – Sunday August 25
I can’t begin to describe the effort Jacob and his parents have exerted to make Camp Demigod something extremely special. Do a Google search for Camp Demigod — you will be enthralled.