ImageWhat an awesome time I had in Colorado!

I stayed with my nephew, Jeff, and his family. His wife, Anne, is the sweetest little thing, and their two daughters, Abby and Elly, are precious! We swam, ran, watched Wreck it Ralph (a Disney movie), and went to Breckenridge for a night. I got to see a wicked hailstorm with thunder and lightning, rode a luge ride with my niece, and bought a very cool photograph called “Fox on the Rocks.” It’s a picture of a gray fox standing on a big rock in the mountains.

I also visited a public library and a bookstore called the Tattered Cover. I’ll be sending a copy of Diego’s first fantasy dragons book to the children’s buyer at the bookstore. Maybe I can build some interest in Colorado! Wouldn’t that be cool!

Find this blog on WordPress and you’ll see a picture of my niece and me at the top of the luge!

Gotta go now and write more of Diego’s third fantasy fiction novel. I love to write fantasy!