Okay, your a YA books author.

Cool, you have a fantasy fiction novels website.

Now just kick back and wait for all the people to visit and buy your adventure books.

Doesn’t really work that way. Fortunately, with a bit of work, and the right people showing you what to do, you can optimize your new book series website so when people search for certain words or phrases, your site will pop up on the first Google page, even with million of hits.

First and most important – do a little something to your website every day. Google loves fresh content.

Second – hire someone to do a keyword analysis for your site. This is pretty inexpensive and well worth the money. You’ll end up with roughly thirty words or phrases you can use EVERY time you write fantasy in anything; a newsletter, a Blog, a Facebook entry, anything. That way, those words and phrases will be attributed to your website, and thus, traffic will be steered your way.

I’ve even used keyword phrases in this Blog entry. See if you can find them.

Third – go into the source code of your website and make certain the title meta tag, page meta tag, and page description all contain your keywords and phrases.

I Blog every day, or I try real hard to do so. I can clearly see the increase and decrease in website hits when I’m actively Blogging and when I’m not.

It works, and if you want your website to work for you as a promotion tool, make the time to do these things.