I’m almost 200 pages into Diego’s third book. I have no subtitle yet, because that’s the latest contest for students. They get to pick the subtitle for this fantasy dragon novel.

Check it out here – http://www.diegosdragon.com/cooladventurebookscontests.html

The story in this book is really coming alive. That’s the greatest thing about making the decision to write fantasy, for me anyway. When I’m into the story, writing it, ideas just start flooding my mind. Story lines, plot twists, characters becoming important, characters dying or being reborn, and any type of mysticism I can introduce.

Having this journey of writing good books for young adults is such an important part of my life. In a way I’m writing for myself, because I want my own dragon, I want my own 3000 pound flying cougar, I want everything that’s in my YA books to happen to me.

When I write, I see everything happening, like a movie in my head. Diego’s third book is turning into such an incredible movie – it’s awesome!