One just never stops trying to improve.

I’m re-writing Conor and the Crossworlds, Book One: Breaking the Barrier this summer.

Kids have always loved this adventure book. They don’t care about anything except reading one a good book for young adults. Purugama, Conor’s friend and mentor, is quite a compelling character. After all, he is a 3000 pound, flying, talking, magical cougar. I believe he’s the most loved of all my creations. Kids of all ages comment about how much they like him.

It is the first book I ever wrote, however. It’s full of, well, tons of errors I’d never allow in my latest books. So I’m going through the manuscript word by word and making it a much stronger read (hopefully).

The new version should be out by the end of summer. As with any fantasy fiction novel, I’m excited about a new release. I love Conor and all the amazing characters in the Crossworlds. I believe writing his story is why I was given life. I hope one day to make it the best fantasy fiction series around.